Bale opener

System consisting of one or more loading units arranged in series.

The load part is composed of a conveyor belt in PVC or steel slats with adjustable feed speed. On the loading surface one or more bales of fibers can be arranged, according to the width of the machine. Collection takes place thanks to a tilted inclined belt complete with metering cylinder and precision unloading cylinder. The material can be unloaded using a scale micro-weighing system or a continuous weighing system.

Process flow

The material, usually fed in pressed bales (01), is transported from the feeder belt (02) towards the impinged ascent belt (03). The latter proceeds to open the material being processed thanks to the action of the conical points, bringing it towards the drain cylinder (05). During the ascent it is fundamental the action of the dosing cylinder (04) to accurately check the quantity of material discharged in the weighing scale (06)

Lines on which it can be used

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