Beater mixer

The machine has been designed to clean and mix the fibres for carding cycles, for nonwoven processes, as well as for regeneration of textile fibres cycles. It consists of a main rotating cylinder which pushes the fibres against a vacuuming grid, so that dust and foreign matters are removed from fibres. An air filtering and dust collection system filters the air by means of special cotton sleeves and collects dust and other impurities into dedicated bags.

Process flow


The beater-mixer is fed by a cyclone (04) assembled on the feeding hopper (03), as shown by the arrow a. The material goes through the main drum (02) and is discharged by the outfeed hopper (01) by means of a suction system that provides to feed the following machine. During this phase, the blower (05) removes dust and foreign matters through the grid (06) and conveys them to the filtering system directly.


Lines on which it can be used

Thermobonding Line

Airlaying Line

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