Cormatex manufactures complete lines for the production of thermobonded and needle punched nonwovens designed for the production of hi-density and hi-loft (low-density) products with different composition as well as physical and mechanical features, with the ability to process natural or manmade, virgin or regenerated fibres. The high technological level being achieved due to a constant commitment of the company in R&D allows our lines producing more with a better quality.
These products are widely employed in the following application fields:
– Automotive: wadding for seats, thermal and sound insulation products, preformed panels, carpets and outer coatings for preformed panels

– Soundproofing: panels for soundproofing
– Thermal Insulation: panels for thermal insulation
– Furnishing: upholstering for sofas, armchairs, chairs, mattresses, quilts and sleeping bags, carpeting, mattresses, cleaning clothes
– Clothing: filling for winter jackets or interlining supports for clothing and furnishing
– Medical: surgery cloths, operating table cloths, surgical masks
– Hygiene/Bodycare: baby and lady diapers, disposables, sanitary napkins, coverstocks
– Building: geotextiles (roads, dams, supports/substrates for coating)
– Shoes: manmade leather or substrates for impregnation and coating
– Filtration: dry filters (air) and wet-system filters (liquids)
– Agriculture: greenhouses and fertilising systems for desert areas
– Environment: draining systems for marshlands
– Civil defence: supports for river banks or river barrages
– Aerospace industry: components for airplane construction

– Protective clothing: bullet-proof jackets, fireproof protections for firemen

Process flow

Carding Line thermobonding flow

01. Bale opener
02. Transversal collecting belt
03. Beater mixer04. Oil emulsion system
05. Fine opener 06. Volumetric feeder
07. Double doffer card

08. Cross lapper mod. FR150 profile
09. Needle-punching machine
10. Thermobonding oven
11. Cutting and wind-up unit
12. Opener for edge trim recycling
13. Magnetic bar
14. Pipeline metal detector

Needle punching
needle punching process flow

01. Bale opener
02. Transversal collecting belt
03. Primary opener and oil emulsion system
04. Fine opener
05. Feed tower
06. Double doffer card
07. Cross lapper

08. Needle punching section
09. Hot calender
10. Longitudinal and transversal cutting machine
11. Automatic winder
12. Opener for edge trim recycling
13. Opener for defective material recycling
14. Metal detector















Foot wear



Isolanti termo acustici

Thermo-acoustic insulators

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