Carding Set

The longstanding tradition and experience in the textile sector, combined with the use of advanced design and construction techniques, have led to the development of highly flexible carding sets, capable to process any natural or synthetic fibre, either virgin or regenerated, to maximising the quantity and quality performance of the machine. Cormatex technology guarantees the formation of a very homogeneous web with perfectly parallel fibres, i.e. the prerequisite for high efficiency and output of the following spinning phase.

Operating scheme

Carding Set

01. Electronic micro-weighing hopper feeder
02. First carding group with broad band feed
03. Second carding group
04. Parallel lapper
05. Third and fourth carding group
06. Web transfer belt conveyor
07. Tape condenser (single-tape type)

Parallel lapper model AFP50 (patented)

The AFP50 model is a CORMATEX exclusive patent. The parallel fiber lapper compacts the webs into a homogenous layer of longitudinally-oriented fibers. This system guarantees a more uniform web, evener fiber counts across the whole machine width, a 15-20% efficiency increase and a remarkably higher yarn quality (extra-fine knitwear yarns, up to nm 60)

Web transfer belt conveyor
Web transporting system installed between the third and the fourth cylinder of the carding set; it makes the inspection of the web quality possible by the operator, as well as simplifying the cleaning of the two carding units with no need to displace them, thus saving working time by leaving the roller set-up unchanged and making unnecessary workers and strippers re-gauging by the machine operator

1. Sides protection by sliding doors provided with wide windows and safety devices in compliance with the european regulations
2. Automated centralized lubrication system for tape condenser
3. Centralised vacuum system for the card clothing automating cleaning, also featuring cross travelling cleaning mouths assembled on each main cylinder and doffer

Working width: 1000 to 3500 mm
Breast roller diameter: 650, 940, 1270, 1500 mm
Main cylinder diameter: 1270, 1500, 1800, 2000 mm
Doffer diameter: 1270 or 1500 mm
Working roller diameter: 210 to 240 mm
Stripping roller diameter: 80 to 102 mm
Fancy roller diameter: 300 mm
All the cylinder, doffer and rollers of the carding set are statically and dynamically balanced

tape condenser
a) single tape; b)one tape one end; c)one tape two ends

Lines on which it can be used

Woollen spinning lines

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