Lap Formair V

This is a newly designed machine, developed for the manufacturing of airlaid nonwovens. Lap Formair
is based on a new aerodynamic fibre batt formation system, ready for subsequent needle punching
or thermobonding processes, giving the final product a fibre density which is perfectly even both
longitudinally and across the whole machine width. This machine’s extraordinary performance are
especially characterised by the possibility of processing any type of material, both fibrous and non-fibrous,
thus guaranteeing a perfectly even density also when manufacturing low weight final products (down
to 150 g/m2 weight).


  • reduced production costs
  • reduced investment costs
  • reduced space occupation and energy consumptions
  • possibility of processing non cardable fibres and materials
  • extreme productive versatility in terms of processable raw materials and type of manufactured final products
  • high production quality also when manufacturing light weight products(down to 150 g/m2)

Process flow

The fiber is fed pneumatically to the upper formation chamber (01) which condenses the material to form a fiber mat distributed over the entire working height. a special modulated feeding system (feed silo) guarantees uniform and constant filling of the upper chamber. the material then passes through the sfoccoccatura section (02) and is fed to the lower formation chamber (03) where it is uniformly stratified. the lower chamber is pressurized by suitable fans which, thanks to a controlled and self-leveling air evacuation system, allow perfect control of the distribution of the material as well as of the density of the output product, even in the presence of very mixed heterogeneous. the material coming out of the lower belt has a perfectly vertical fiber layering

Working height: from 1000 to 4000 mm (variants available on request)
Productivity up to 500 kg / h per meter of width
Grammage: from 300 to over 10,000 g / m2, depending on the material processed
Finished product thickness up to 200 mm (variants available on request)
Length of fibers that can be processed: from 20 to 150 mm (variants available on request)
Max density variation: ± 5%
Fiber orientation: random distribution on vertical planes

Lines on which it can be used


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