Material shredder

Machine projected to re-open any waste and out-of-standard nonwoven product, regardless of its type and composition. Such a machine allows re-processing fibres obtained from eventual production wastes.

Process flow

The material is transferred by the conveyor belt (01) towards the feeding section (03) (pair of feed rollers or dish plate type depending on the materials to be recycled) and compacted by the feed pressing roller (02). The feeding section (03) feeds the material to the main cylinder (04) (different configurations available depending on the material to be recycled) and hold the fibres tightly by means of air cylinders, thus maximising the opening effect on the fibres. The fiberized material is then delivered to the following machine by the hopper (05) and a downstream motorfan. This machine can be installed in combination with the longitudinal cutter in order to automatically perform the edge trim shredding and recycling.


Lines on which it can be used

Needle punching line

Thermobonding Line

Airlaying Line

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