Cormatex manufactures complete opening and blending lines for woollen and worsted/semi-worsted spinning systems. They are very versatile, provided for high performance and able to perfectly adjust to the customer’s requirements. Due to its consolidated experience in the field, in which it has been active ever since the early ‘40s, it has developed its production by specialising in top quality applications, by developing specific technologies to treat fine and extra -fine fibres, such as cashmere, camel hair, angora, llama, vicuña, guanaco, etc.

Cormatex opening and blending lines ensure perfect opening and blending of the fibres that are being processed, so as to guarantee high quality and high productivity to the following process stages.

Process flow

schema linea di preparazione

01. Bale opener
02a. Carding willow
02b. Fiber opener

03. Oiling chamber
04. Blending bin with movable bin emptier






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