Step cleaner

Machine designed to remove dust and vegetable impurities from the fibres. The working principle relies on the opening of the fibre and their beating against special contrast grids, by means of 6 round-pinned rollers assembled on inclined position (step). A dust collecting conveyor, connected with a suction system, collects vegetable impurities and dust being rejected, to convey them to a filtering and collecting system. The fibres are usually fed to the machine by a feed condenser.

Process flow

Step cleaner

01. Cyclone Or Condenser
02. Cleaning Rollers
03. Adjustable Grids
04. Waste Collecting Belt

The fiber is fed to the machine through a cyclone (01) or feed condenser and transported to delivery side by a series of special cleaning rollers (02) the impurities are separated by the action of a cleaning roller and grids (03). vegetable impurities and dust are collected and evacuated by the waste collecting belt (04)

Working width: 1000 to 3000 mm (other options available upon request)
Machine output: 300 to 1000 kg/hour, depending on fiber type and conditions

Available fiber feeding configurations: manual, by a conveyor belt automatic, by an aspirated cyclone or feed condenser


Lines on which it can be used

Wool deburring line

Opening and Blending line

Woollen Spinning


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